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At All Sides, we don’t just design and develop the industry’s most durable wood crating and packaging solutions. We build unbreakable promises strengthened by 20 years of industry expertise. We solve problems before you know they exist. We protect hard-won reputations by safeguarding contents. Whatever you put into our crate comes out in the same condition whether it takes a punishing journey or gets stored for years.


We’ll confidently put our expertise and ultra-durable solutions up against any shipping scenario or competitor. Like the rhino in our logo, we meet challenges head on, allow nothing to stand in our way and respond with an impressive agility. If you have to ship it, All Sides can crate it regardless of how simple or complex a solution it demands.

Experience the All Sides difference

Tough as nails

Industrial crating: We take pride in every crate we build, and we’ll stack them up against any solution out there. Whether your merchandise is big, heavy, fragile or high value, All Sides gives you maximum protection every time. Wielding expertise, flexibility, high-end industrial tools and a healthy dose of rebel spirit, we don’t shy away from large-scale production and highly customized jobs that others fear.

Every All Sides’ solution is infused with, and strengthened by, our passion, vision and commitment to quality. That’s what ensures that your contents come out of our crate in the same condition they went in. Shipping internationally? All countries now check shipped crates and pallets upon import. Either they have a registered IPPC mark or trouble happens. All Sides is accredited under the IPPC program and we use quality wood and packaging material that meets global compliance standards for wood packaging in international business.


Blocking and bracing of containers: Damaged cargo. Ruined equipment. Lost business opportunities. Cut corners on proper blocking and bracing of ocean and rail going containers and you risk severe consequences and liability exposure. We’re experts in securing shipments to weather a storm of abuse. All Sides build absolute protection into your containerized freight by meticulously implementing load plans, ensuring optimal weight distribution, and expertly blocking and bracing loads to make them impervious to powerful forces encountered in transit.

Our facility is equipped with a crane capable of lifting up to 90 tons. But whether your shipment is being loaded at our place, yours or a third-party location, the All Sides team will make sure it’s optimally secured for all modes of transportation.


Corrosion and rust prevention: Even when a shipment is solidly secure, exposure to moisture and salt can age electronics and machinery 10 years during a single ocean crossing. That’s why we also offer anti-corrosion and preservation solutions that neutralize the elements to extend the lifespan and value of your cargo.



Say goodbye to guesswork, worry and uncertainty. Just let us know what you plan on shipping and where it’s headed. We’ll tell you what you need to keep it safe at every phase of its journey. We’ll explain what it really means to tailor the latest packaging technologies and materials within a crate or container built to withstand extreme mishandling. With two decades of transport experience, we can even tell you the best way to ship it.

Protection design

Not inspired by roughly sketched proposals that require your imagination and a leap of faith? Neither are we. That’s why we provide you with digital CAD drawings and specs for your ideal solution with a level of professionalism that promotes confidence, informed decisions and peace of mind.

Solution building

Having shipped industrial equipment, fragile components and machinery valued at upwards of a million dollars in a single load, we know what it takes to precision build crating and packaging solutions that promote robust protection, product integrity, regulatory compliance, and successful delivery and storage.

We solve your problems by coming at them from All Sides

In addition to extensive crating and packaging expertise, our team wields two decades of transport and freight forwarding industry experience moving crated materials all over the planet. We inherently know what your shipment will endure at every stage of a journey by road, ocean and air. Foreseeing every threat and contingency, we excel in tailoring solutions to your shipping method and the level of protection it demands.

We refuse to compromise on quality

We’re not in the “probably good enough” business. At All Sides, we eliminate weak links and strive for synergy across all parts of your solution. We don’t ever lower costs by cutting corners or using inferior types of wood, bracing and strapping. When we say we can do it, you’ll get a high-quality solution, great service and exceptional value every time. And the difference between what we could charge and what we do charge is our investment in your continued business and trust.

We use top quality materials


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Softwoods are the most common type wood used in the packaging and crating industry. Easy to cut and work with, yet very durable and light which makes it the best choice for general commodity crates. We always choose ISPM 15 grade softwood.


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Hardwoods are well known for being highly resistant to shocks, pressure and liquid. That makes it the perfect type of wood for tools, barrels and heavy-duty crates to withstand heavy Payload.


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Also known as Engineered wood mostly in shape of panels is perfect for strong and sturdy crate floors And walls.

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